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What is the HomeLight Trade-In Program?


This is a big one, right? You know you want to sell your house and take advantage of this strong market, and you know the type of house you want to buy next, but there’s either so little inventory that you hardly see your dream home become available, or you just can’t afford to buy first and then sell. In a buyers market, you could write an offer on your new house contingent on your current home selling. That just won’t fly in today’s market. So you either have to have enough cash to afford to buy your new house and then sell your current one, or qualify for a bridge loan.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for the majority. There’s actually a few programs out there that allow the client to get cash for their house upfront. But the one I’ve used and been super happy with is called the HomeLight Trade-In program, and it has helped a ton of my clients solve this exact problem. I’m super excited to announce that I’ve been approved as a top Realtor to use the HomeLight Trade-In program for my clients. It’s actually quite cool. I do an evaluation on your current home and let you know what it’s worth right now in today’s market or how much more it could be worth once we fix it up. We arrange a call with the HomeLight management crew, they will do inspections on your home at no cost to you, and they’ll do their own analysis of what they feel the home is worth. From there, they will give you approximately 80 to 85% of that value to use when purchasing a home.

This is absolutely huge! Whether it’s completely funding your new home or just putting down a hefty down payment, it allows you to take your time to find the house that you want, write that offer and get it accepted, move into it, and now we can get to work on selling your old home. They also front you money so we can prep your house for sale and get the most for you. I coordinate the contractors, painters, stagers etc. and now we can sell the house vacant, staged and ready to go. Any difference in value when we sell your home is yours to keep! HomeLight charges less than 2% for this whole process and it’s well worth it. If you want to know more, contact me and I’m happy to set up a call with you and see if this is a better option for you.

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