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Tips on Home Inspections


“It’s a sellers market, why do I have to pay for inspections upfront? Can’t the buyers do that?”

Absolutely, you can sell your house as-is and not do a thing to it. But that also means buyers have no idea what they’re buying. In today’s market, the expectation is buyers will love your house so much that they will write an offer with zero contingencies and take it as-is, regardless of the problems it comes with. Well, that’s a tough ask when this is most people’s biggest purchase of their life. Your house may look pretty on the outside, but what’s really happening underneath the house, in the attic, or with the electrical system and plumbing? At a very minimum, a full home inspection will provide an overview as to how everything is working in the house. From the electrical outlets to the water pressure, to the ducting, the integrity of the chimney, the age of the roof and problems seen, what’s installed correctly and what’s installed incorrectly, the list goes on and on.

I sold a house once for a licensed contractor that insisted that all the work done on his house was done just fine. The property inspector had quite the difference in opinion! Turns out that lots of corners were cut by my seller, and tens of thousands of dollars of repairs would be needed. Disclosing that upfront to a buyer helps create a realistic value for your property. Buyers know what they’re getting into and can give you a fair offer based on what you are providing. If they don’t know that information ahead of time, you run the risk of the buyers renegotiating the contract later, or possibly getting into legal issues because of what was not disclosed to them. It is not worth the risk! For less than a few thousand dollars, get the peace of mind of knowing exactly what’s going on with your house so you are prepared. I will guide you through the whole process.

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