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Seller Dont’s


“How hard can it be to paint my own house? I’ll do it myself and save tons of money.” No, no, no! Unless you’re a painter by trade (and a good one!), I can’t stress enough how important it is to leave this to the professionals. When a home buyer walks into a house and sees un-clean lines, missed paint (not enough coats), brush marks on ceilings or trim, or the wrong color used, all the homeowners hard work has backfired and it will have to be done again by a professional.

When you hire the right Realtor, they’ll have great vendors for you to use that they have been working with for years and already know the job will be done to their satisfaction. They typically also get better costs, and the job gets done faster since these preferred vendors want to keep the great relationship with their Realtor. When a professional is hired, they know exactly how long it’ll take them to complete the job. When a home owner thinks they can paint their own house, they are always stressed when they don’t realize how long it takes to pack, let alone to paint it and paint it right. If you feel strongly about painting your own house, do it for the one you’re moving into, not the one you’re selling.

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