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Oh I get it…why pay someone top dollar if you can save money and get a discount contractor? I mean, how hard can it be to install some kitchen cabinets anyway? Trust me…after seeing lots of mistakes after 19 years in the business, it becomes painfully obvious what can go wrong and it’ll cost a LOT more to fix the mistake. The most typical mistake we see is on the corner…where one drawer can’t open without hitting another. Dishwashers or stoves installed too close to the corner and can’t be opened unless you take the handle off the adjacent drawer, etc. And if you’re going to go through all the work of installing new cabinets, it’s worth the extra money to install soft-close drawers and cabinets as well.

Never in my life have I heard the phrase “I like it when I close a cabinet and it makes a big bang sound”. The little things make a big difference. Call me if you have questions or concerns about what a contractor is telling you, and I can give you some guidance. But most importantly, take the time to interview other jobs they’ve done, or go see the work yourself. Don’t just take their word when they say they do “professional installation”. Trying to nickel and dime a job can cost you a lot more in the end, not just financially but the stress, time and headache as well.

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