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New Construction Do’s and Don’ts


We’ve all been there…you’re driving down the road and you see new construction going up, and a banner waving in the wind, beckoning you to come in. And why not? You can check out the models, not have to bother anyone, and have the sales office tell you everything you need to know, right?

Well unfortunately, once you set foot through that sales door and “sign in”, you’ve also signed off the rights to you having your own Realtor. Well, let me take that back. You can have your own Realtor, but the sales office won’t pay them. So in essence, you have committed yourself to working with the sales office as your Realtor. And that’s fine if you’re a savvy purchaser, but keep in mind that the sales office is there to represent the seller, not you, the buyer.

I can’t tell you how many times I have represented my buyers on a new home purchase just to hear from the builders, “You don’t need an inspection. We’ve already had the city out. Everything has been checked.” Well, the city inspector and a 3rd party home inspector are two VERY different things. City inspection is just going off a checklist. They are not “inspecting” the plumbing or making sure there are no water leaks or confirming if things were put in correctly; they are simply confirming they exist. If you have your own Realtor representing you, you have someone that has your back, that has been in the trenches and can guide you on their own concerns or comforts, things you wouldn’t think about since you don’t buy houses for yourself every day.

I have heard contractors and builders swear up and down, “Don’t worry about it, everything is fine and done to code.” But the reality is there are problems galore hidden that you as a homeowner won’t find or know about until it’s too late. I’ve seen the ground wire not connected, vents missing from the roof, bathroom, kitchen, and water heating pipes installed incorrectly, vents disconnected under the house, the list goes on and on.

But the good news is, there is no cost to you to have your own Realtor! So before just popping into a new home construction site to check things out, if you’re really serious and ready to start shopping, find your Realtor upfront and call them when you want their advice or want to preview some new homes. Believe me, they will be happy to hear from you and will gladly take care of you.

– Nicki Banucci (Certified Residential Construction and New Home Specialist)

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